What is Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator?

SARMs or Selective androgen receptor modulators have long been used medically for treating cancer, osteoporosis, hypogonadism, and diseases that affect the muscle and bone. In clinical studies, it was found that human body due to aging losses type 2 muscle fibers resulting in loss of endurance, skeletal muscle, and power. In such cases, SARMs can improve bone mineral density, motorized strength and restore muscle with lean body mass. However, the non-steroidal SARMs started to become controversial when it found its way in rise of use among athletes and body builders and in addition, absence of proper research on the effects of the drug raises huge concern. The SARMs have strong attraction to receptor and causes powerful chemical reaction. This reaction can cause side effects such as liver toxicity, kidney damage, lower libido, estrogen conversion causing gynecomastia in men. Major side effect can be enlarging of heart and prostate due to change of DNA of multiple cells. Research are beginning to take shape in the muscle pharmacology as SARMs help building muscle and reduce body fat boosting athletic performance.

According to 101sarms, there are four main SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators marketed on online for athletes, bodybuilder and fitness freaks.

  1. LDG-4033 –Non steroidal for lean muscle
  2. Ostarine (MK-2866)  – For increasing lean body mass
  3. S4(Andarine) –Used for curing osteoporosis
  4. RAD 140 –Powerful and exciting SARM that in addition to muscle building has potential cure of Alzheimer

The benefits of SARMs

The generic benefits of SARMs employ anabolic supplements benefits minus the side effects.

  • Will not increase HPTA
  • Similar effects of testosterone
  • Non toxic
  • No risk of prostate problems in men
  • Avoids bone loss

SARMs benefits for muscle builders

Increased muscle strength

Gym-goers and athletes are profoundly fond of SARM due to its effect on gaining muscle strength. Deductive evidence has proven gain in strength and size in muscle tissue.

Inhibits cancer cell division

In a study conducted by Public Library of Science, they discovered the inability of nonsteriodal SARMs convert to estrogen has tremendous effect in treating breast cancer. It was found to reduce the weight of tumor cells by 90% and thereby inhibit the potential for breast cancer development.

Tolerability and safety

There have been concluded results that favor SARMs or Selective androgen receptor modulators with minimal side effects. The suppression of testosterone and HDL cholesterol is possible but not it significant to cause adverse reactions.

Final thoughts are , less potent SARMs will not produce harmful effects but if abused it will cause shut down or lead to gynecomastia .However, 99.9% of users have reported nearly no side effects so far. Current research is underway studying the long-term use of SARMs.