Best Recovery Software: Choosing the Smart Way

Everyone is apprehensive when it comes to choosing the best recovery software and why not, it’s the question of reviving any valuable data or file that’s lost into the technological oblivion. Choosing the right recovery tool is imperative because if you want some data, file, photos, audio or video recovered, it obviously means that it was and is important to you. So why take a chance with some faulty or complicated recovery tool. Better choose wisely.

Identifying a clever recovery tool

When it comes to judging a tool for its efficiency in recovering your data, a few pointers can always be handy-

  • The recovery software should be first and foremost user-friendly. If the language is too technical, you won’t be able to follow the right steps which might lead to the eventual loss of data.
  • What kind of data and can the software recover? Can it recover photos and videos in good quality? Can it revive data from FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2 file systems? Knowing these basics is good.
  • What OS is the software compatible with? Can it work in Windows? Can it reach to data in old windows versions?
  • Last but certainly the most obvious basic, is the software free to use or do you have to pay for it?

Keeping some of these in mind, you can surf for the best recovery software.

A look at the best performers

When all the features offered by software companies are analyzed, a few really stand out in terms of their credibility, certainly leading to its popularity. Recuva is considered one f the best recovery software on the market. With a compatibility with most of the windows OS and the ability to recover data from phones, cameras, disks or drives connected to the PC, Recuva leads the run. The Testdisk recovery software also has one of the best features promised to the user. Apart from being free of cost, it is also user-friendly. Pandora Recovery also runs close behind with a compatibility with windows xp, vista and the recent version of it. Free Undelete is one such software that provides recovery tools for both personal and corporate use. The corporate version comes with a cost which seems minimal when its utility is kept at the forefront.

So it’s all yours to choose from. The ITI has a lot more options to choose from if one wants to explore further possibilities. Better be safe than sorry!!